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                                  Pillow packing machine

Main application

       Model RFD450 automatic pillow type packaging machine for canister-shaped roller film is a horizontal pillow machine 

which can automatically complete the functions of making bag,wrapping,sealing and cutting.This machine is suitable for 

the packaging of instant rice,bread,biscuit,bottled lacti-beverage as well as the packaging of drugs,cosmetic,soap commodities 

and industrial spare parts,especially for packaging of plastic bottle I.V,soft bag I.V.

       This machine can be used widely and can swith the packaging species rapidly by way of adjustment.In addition,the machine 

can be operated through interface between machine and people.All control element adopt imported products.It is easy to 

operate and has reliable and stable performance.

Main Technical Parameter

Max film width     2H+2W+25≤430 mm

Packaging speed    25-120bag/min

Cutting length   75≤L≤450mm

Packaging width  20≤W≤140mm

Packaging height  5≤H≤45mm

Total Power   220V—380V 3.6KW

Dimension         5050mm×960mm×1600mm

Total weight      900kg


Temperature can be controlled within ±2 ℃

Photo mark tracking tolerance: ±2mm

Cutting length tolerance:  ±2mm

Automatic photo mark tracking

Positioning stop.

Heater adopts 48V safe voltage

Back sealing width: 8~10mm

End seal can be according to the requirement of customer.


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