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                          Blister Package Machine 


This machine is suitable for pharmacy, medical machinery, foodstuff, electric, hardware industry’s capsule, tablet, syringe, 

ampoule, medical apparatus, food, electric appliance, hardware etc blister package.


Working Principal and Feature:

  1. PVC pre-heat: up and lower heat board joint heating PVC, high efficiency, auto separating while traction

2. PVC forming: under the cam action up and lower mould joint-lock, with seal ring ensure no air leakage, positive 

pressure blowing forming. Stable forming.

3. Heat seal: under the cam action up and lower mould joint-lock. Up mould heating and with cylinder buffering. Up and 

lower mould net pattern good sealing.

4. Mechanism adjust: the moulds cabinet and be adjusted on the machine base. Convenient for mould exchange.

5. Mould location: clamping plate location, easy operation and exchange.


Main Parameters:  

Punch Frequency

1050 times/min     16 blister strips/time

If Stroke> 80, Blister depth>10, not ensure 50times/min.

Capacity ( blister / h)

15000 ( standard 80*57mm, count on 5 blister strips/time, 50 times/min)

Max forming area and depth



Standard 20125mm, Max 160mm

Blister blister spec.

Standard: 80×57mm

Ref spec: 80×57  95×65  103×43  120×43

(can be designed accord to users requirement)

Granules on each blister strip

Capsule: 10 granules (# 0, # 1) , 12 granules (#1, #2, #3)

Tablet: 130 granules

Abnormal material: special design

Total Power

380v/220v 50Hz 6kw

Heating power

Up and lower forming: 2kw

Heat seal: 2kw

Main Motor Power


Packing material

PVC: 0.150.5×320mm

PTP ALU foil: 0.020.35×320mm

Dialysis paper: 50100g×320mm

Reel diameter: 7076mm

Mould Cooling

Tap water or recycle water 60L/h

Overall size


Weight of machine





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