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Syrup Bottle blowing machine


This bottle blowing machine is transformed from ultrasonic washing machine. It adapts the non-contact washing type on the 

international. Use compressed air to peel off the dirt. Ozone can disinfect all the microorganismenterobacter and other bacteria.

This machine has the function of automatic bottle feedingair blow to clean and track turn over the bottles.



●  Power220V,50HZ

●   power consumption0.2KW

●   purified compressed air0.15-0.45Mpa

●   consumption400-500L/min

●   single machine noise≤70dB

●   weight100Kg


filling and capping machine is the filling and sealing machine which developed by our engineersits filling 

volume is largefour head in linear filling typehigh working accuracy and capping success rate. This machine 

adopts microcomputer to set filling volumeeasy to operate. 

It is widely used in China and southeast countries. 

This machine structure is simpleeasy to dismantle and cleancompletely meet GMP requirements



bottle size60100120m1

filling volume20-50 g

productivity60ml 20g 5000/hour

power220V 50Hz

power consumption2.2kw

filling error≤±3%

stoppering rate≥99%

capping rate≥99%

speed controllingfrequency regulation



dimension3200×1000 ×1750mm



Computer control filling volume,high filling accuracy,adjustment volume is large

Can adjust filling volume without stopping machine

Auto stop when filling screw touched powder feeding port

No bottle,no filling;empty bottle,auto stop

Suitable for different kinds caps

Fixed torture,cap with high quality screw-thread,good air tightness

Frequency regulation

Auto counting and display function

Can equip with 100-class laminar flow device

All design meet GMP requirements


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