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Pharmacy, Health, and Welfare Commission will strictly check the implementation of the two-vote system. Violators will b

  Any pharmaceutical production or business enterprise that fails to comply with the requirements of the "two-vote system" or who has been falsified shall be disqualified from bidding, winning bids and distribution, and included in the bad record of drug procurement.
On April 24, the Anhui Provincial Health Planning Commission issued the “Special Supervision and Inspection Notice on the Implementation of the “Two-vote System” for Drug Purchase in Public Medical Institutions”, requiring the public medical institutions in the province to compare the purchase of medicines (distribution) companies with public medical institutions. The relevant documents were self-inspected and a report was formed. The rectification report was formed on the basis of self-examination and self-correction (the reform measures should be specific), and the self-examination and rectification report was submitted to local food by the end of June. Drug supervision and management department.

After the completion of self-examination and rectification, Anhui Food and Drug Administration required the food and drug administration departments of each city before the end of August to combine the follow-up inspections, flight inspections, daily supervision and inspections, and risk grading supervision to complete the supervision of the procurement of medical institutions (distribution) within their jurisdictions. The inspection and supervision of enterprises; and for the implementation of the two-vote system, the food and drug supervision departments and health and family planning departments at all levels must inspect the implementation of the “two-vote system” for public medical bids, as well as the demand for cable tickets and ticket inspections. And supervision.

As for the results of the inspection and supervision, the notice pointed out that the food and drug supervision bureaus of the cities will be collected and reported to the Provincial Food and Drug Administration before September 20.

1, check the key

In this inspection, Anhui Provincial Health Planning Commission put forward six key points. Three inspection directions were proposed for drug distribution companies and public medical institutions.

Among them, for drug wholesalers, the main inspection is whether they are implemented in a classified manner. The first is whether the pharmaceuticals wholesale (distribution) companies sell drugs to public medical institutions to implement the “two-vote system”; second, whether the pharmaceutical wholesale (distribution) companies sell pharmaceuticals to public medical institutions in remote mountainous areas (regions) in accordance with regulations Thirdly, a wholly-owned or controlled commercial company (only one commercial company in the country) established by a pharmaceutical production company or a group-type enterprise integrating science, industry, and trade, and a domestic pharmaceutical company established overseas (Only one domestic general agent is in the country.) Whether or not drug distribution between a wholly-owned (controlling) subsidiary or a wholly-owned (holding) subsidiary within a drug distribution group enterprise is within the scope of the "two-vote system".

For the inspection of public medical institutions, the inspection of the bills is emphasized. First, whether public medical institutions review the procurement of pharmaceutical drugs; whether to obtain a copy of the sales invoices of the pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises from the drug wholesale (distribution) enterprises (stamping the original seal of the drug operating company's official seal, or scanning the electronic notes); secondly, Whether a public medical institution violates the "two-vote system" and arbitrarily procures drugs; thirdly, whether it urgently rescues drugs, "orphan drugs", clinical shortages, and whether low-priced drugs fulfill monitoring and approval procedures;

From the inspection point of view, the implementation of the two-vote system is under the supervision of the Anhui Food and Drug Administration. The Health and Development Planning Commission is responsible for the inspections of medical institutions, and the drug administration department is responsible for the distribution of companies. The entire supervision has started as a system. , not the previous one in Kowloon City.

2, according to the law investigation

The two-vote system check in Anhui Province was conducted through a combination of self-examination, supervision, and spot checks. Drug wholesalers and public medical institutions that did not submit a self-inspection report will be listed as the key inspection targets, and all inspection information will be given to them. public.

In the notice, the punishment after the inspection has also been increased. In the supervision of pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises, if companies fail to implement the "two-vote system" requirements or falsify pharmaceutical manufacturing and operating companies, they will be disqualified from bids, bids, and distributions, and will be included in the bad records of drug procurement.

For public medical institutions that do not implement the relevant "two-vote system" stipulations, medical institutions that are not strict in the issuance of the "vote-vouchers", "two-vote system" is not in place, are in arrears, and are in arrears shall be notified and criticized until they are investigated. Personnel responsibility.

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