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    First, the 2 percent estimate does not come from China, as Mr. Trump said, but from his own Commerce Department. Its data suggests that Chinese steel accounts for just 2 percent of total imports to the United States by quantity last year, and about 3.5 percent by value.

    Asked to explain Mr. Trump’s claim, a White House official who spoke on condition of anonymity acknowledged that countervailing and anti-dumping duties have significantly reduced Chinese steel imports. The United States has imposed 24 trade remedies against steel from China, more than any other country, covering an estimated 90 percent of Chinese imports.

    Asked for more details, the White House said in a statement that China had found ways to circumvent those barriers, simply by passing steel products through a third country. But, the statement said, “more often they are lightly processed into a new product (harder to quantify and catch) before being shipped Stateside.”

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